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Army Recognition appointed as Official Online Show Daily News & Media Partner Web TV of CIDEX 2014
Army Recognition is appointed as Official Online Daily News & Media Partner, Web Television for the CIDEX 2014, The China International Defence Electronics Exhibition.
Army Recognition is proud to announce its selection as Official Online Show Daily News, Web Television and Media Partner for CIDEX 2014, the China International Defence Electronics Exhibition in Beijing, China, which will be held from the 8 – 10 May 2014. The organizers of CIDEX 2014 understood the interest to use the notoriety and the popularity of Army Recognition online Defence & Security magazine to spread all activities of the event and to provide the exhibitors with a global online window in parallel with CIDEX 2014 exhibition about the latest defence and security technologies and innovations.
With the printed press faced with an audience problem (25% decrease of printed publication readers in 2013), internet is today the most important media and the only way to reach a truly global audience.
Earlier this year, Army Recognition launched its new Defense & Security Web TV, the first online television dedicated to the Defense and Security Industry with monthly Defense News, defense exhibitions and military products reports. Visit:
For the first time, Army Recognition will provide the CIDEX Web Television to highlight the event at the worldwide level with video of inauguration, official visits, new military and security equipment releases, extracts from press conferences, top-leader interviews, live demonstrations and more.
Army Recognition Company offers innovating solutions with online promotion, communication and marketing for defence and security industry. With 9 million readers (2 million unique visitors) in 2013, 8 million pages read per month, 15.000 readers per day from 90 countries, and its growing popularity, use world notoriety and popularity of the online defence magazine , one of the most visited Defence & Security website in the world as you can see here:
Thanks to the proven search engine optimization and the worldwide popularity of the online Defence and Security magazine, Army Recognition guarantees to increase the worldwide exposure of your products, services or company to the leaders, actors and decision makers of the defence and security sectors who are also regular readers of our online magazine.
At the same time, Army Recognition provides a free service for all exhibitors, with the diffusion of latest press releases on the online Show Daily News CIDEX 2014.
Army Recognition proposes a new range of online marketing and advertising solutions such as product technical data sheets, Company profiles, Banners, Logos, and Videos etc.
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